2018 ERC/NOCHE Intern & Recent Grad Pay Rates & Practices
ERC and NOCHE have collaborated once again to explore internship and recent graduate employment practices and pay rates in the 2018 ERC/NOCHE Recent Graduate & Intern Pay Rates & Practices Survey. This survey seeks to provide Northeast Ohio employers with information on important local trends regarding intern and recent graduate compensation and employment practices.

Time to complete: about 15 minutes
Extended Deadline: Friday, March 9th
Intern & Recent Graduate Employment Practices
Directions: Please answer the following questions related to your organizations intern and recent graduate employment practices.
1. Does your organization have a structured/formal internship program?
If NO, why not? (please check all that apply)
Financial resource challenges
Staff resource challenges
Time commitment
Don't see the value
Prior unsuccessful program
Other (please specify):

2. In 2018, does your organization plan to make any of the following modifications to its internship program?
Increase number of interns
Maintain number of interns
Reduce number of interns
Eliminate all interns
Have not hired interns
3. Is your organization in the process of hiring or does it have any plans to hire new college graduates in 2018?
4. Of the new college graduates that have been hired into your organization in the past 12 months, please estimate the percentage of these employees who had graduated from colleges/universities in Northeast Ohio.
5. How many interns does your company typically employ each year?
More than 10
Have not hired interns
6. During what time of year does your organization hire interns?
(Please select all that apply)
Fall semester
Spring semester
Other (please specify):

7. Has your organization ever hired non-traditional students as interns? (note: a non-traditional student is defined as a student age 25 or older)
8. Has your organization ever hired international students as interns?
8a. Why has your organization never hired international students?
(Please select all that apply) 
Sponsorship issues
Immigration issues
Cultural issues
Language issues
Other (please describe):

9. Does your organization employ high school students in any capacity?
10. What are the primary reasons that your organization uses interns?
(Please select all that apply)
To obtain affordable workforce support
To provide administrative support
To improve retention of new college graduates in Northeast Ohio
To increase exposure at local colleges and universities
To develop a local talent pipeline
To assist with special project work
To test potential employees before hiring them
To solicit creative/innovative input
To develop supervisory skills of your existing employees
To increase exposure at colleges/universities outside of Northeast Ohio
To develop a talent pipeline from outside of Northeast Ohio
Do not currently hire interns
Other (please specify):

11. Are interns given a job description with a set of defined goals and responsibilities or learning outcomes?
12. Does your organization offer any of the following benefits to interns?
(Please select all that apply)
Health insurance
Bus pass or gas card
Credit towards benefits for time worked if hired after graduation
Leaves of absence
On-site perks (i.e. cafeteria, fitness center)
Paid holidays
Paid sick days/time off
Pay for or allow intern(s) to attend networking events
Pay for or allow intern(s) to attend organizations social events
Performance incentives (e.g. cash bonuses)
Rewards and recognition (e.g. gift cards, peer recognition)
Subsidized parking
Subsidized housing
Tuition reimbursement
Other external training opportunities
Pay for college credit(s)
No benefits offered to interns
Other (please specify):

13. What sources does your organization use to recruit interns and new college graduates?

(Please select all that apply)
Used to recruit interns Used to recruit new graduates
Alumni contacts with college/university
Building relationships with college/university professors
Faculty referrals
Job postings on college graduate/intern focused job boards or websites
Job postings on college/university career center websites
Job postings on OhioMeansJobs or OhioMeansInternships
Job postings on general or industry-specific job boards/websites
Participation in college/university job fairs
Used to recruit interns Used to recruit new graduates
Building relationships with college/university career centers
NEOintern/NEO Talent Exchange
High Schools
Vocational Schools
Other referrals (employees, customers, etc.)
Other sources used to recruit interns:
Other sources used to recruit new graduates:
14. When recruiting interns, which of the following majors or areas of study are most important to you?
(Please select all that apply)
Public Affairs/Law
Information Technology/Computer Science
Social Sciences
Health/Human Services
Liberal Arts/Humanities
Visual Communications/Design
Other (please specify):

15. What criteria does your organization use to hire interns and new college graduates and determine new college graduate salaries?

(Please select all that apply)
Used to hire interns Used to hire new graduates Used to determine new graduate salaries
Academic year (only relevant to interns)
Business acumen
Career goals
College/university attended
Grade point average (GPA)
Prior internship/co-op experience
Interpersonal/communication skills
Used to hire interns Used to hire new graduates Used to determine new graduate salaries
Involvement in extra-curricular activities
Location of college/university
Study abroad experience
Work ethic
Work experience
Writing sample
e-Portfolios (electronic/online portfolio)
Competencies/prior learning
Other criteria used to hire interns:
Other criteria used to hire new college graduates:
Other criteria used to determine salaries for new college graduates:
16. If GPA is criteria for hiring interns and/or new college graduates, please specify the minimum acceptable GPA.
GPA minimum for interns
GPA minimum for new college graduates
17. Which of the following options best describes your organization's compensation structure for interns?
(Please select all that apply)
Annualized salary
Hourly wage
Set stipend
Academic credit
Do not pay interns
N/A (do not have interns on staff)
Other (please specify):

18. Does your organization recruit from any of the following for interns and new graduates?

(Please select all that apply)
Recruit interns Recruit new graduates
2-year colleges (e.g. Cuyahoga Community College, Lorain County Community College, Lakeland Community College, etc.)
For-profit colleges (e.g. University of Phoenix, DeVry University, etc.)
4-year colleges/universities (e.g. Kent State University, Walsh University, Hiram, The University of Akron, Harvard, etc.)
19. From what academic year(s) does your organization recruit college interns?
(Please select all that apply)
No specific academic year
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4

20. For what job level(s) does your organization typically hire new college graduates?
(Please select all that apply)
Entry Level
Other (please specify):

21. Do interns and/or new college graduates receive any of the following?

(Please select all that apply)
Interns receive New graduates receive
An orientation within the first week of employment
Access to a mentor
Formal training
Performance evaluation
Regular feedback and coaching
22. Please specify what types of training and professional development opportunities are provided to interns.
23. Please specify what types of training and professional development opportunities are provided to new college graduates.
24. Does your organization offer management in training (or leadership development) programs for new college graduates?
25. What are the responsibilities of interns supervisors and mentors?

(Please select all that apply)
Supervisors Mentors
Administrative tasks (signing time sheet, scheduling, etc.)
Assigning or managing projects
Ensuring that the internship is a learning experience
Evaluating performance
Exposing intern to subject matter experts
Providing feedback or coaching
Training or teaching new skills
Communication with interns college/university
Other responsibilities of intern's supervisors:
Other responsibilities of intern's mentors:
26. How is your interns time typically distributed? Please specify the average percentage of time allotted to the duties below.

(Note: must add up to 100%)
Percentage of time
Administrative or clerical duties
Analytical/problem solving
Project coordination/management
If you selected "Other" above, please provide a brief description of these duties.
27. If intern performance is evaluated, what aspects of interns performance are assessed?
(Please select all that apply)
Ability/willingness to learn and develop
Customer service
Interpersonal skills
Level or value of contributions
Problem solving
Quality of work
Other (please specify):

28. What is the average length/term of internships at your organization?
10 weeks
16 weeks
32 weeks
1+ year(s)
Other (please specify):
29. After an internship term has ended, does your organization do any of the following to continue to engage the intern?
(Please select all that apply)
Keep in contact with intern (via direct communication, social media, LinkedIn, etc.)
Communications with interns college/university
Hold intern alumni events
Recall/re-hire over multiple terms/years
Offer employment (if available)

30. Over the past 12 months, have you ever offered interns permanent employment with your organization, either full or part-time, at the conclusion of their internship?
Full-time Part-time N/A
(we did not employ any interns in the past 12 months)
Yes, offered to all intern(s)
Yes, offered to some intern(s)
No, not offered to any intern(s)
31. If your organization did not offer employment to any or some interns, what was the reason(s)?
(Please select all that apply)
No positions open
Intern had not graduated yet
Intern was not ready to take on a permanent position
Intern performance was poor
Other (please specify):

32. If you did offer employment to the intern, please specify the ratio of offers made to offers accepted.
(Example: 5 offers: 1 accepted - expressed as 5:1)
33. Did your organization obtain any of the following reimbursements for internships?
(Please select all that apply)
Ohio Third Frontier reimbursement
Foundation reimbursement
Ohio Means Internships and Coops - OMIC
Reimbursement through College or University Grant Program
Other (please specify):

34. If your organization hires new college graduates, please specify the following information.
What percent of your entry-level positions come from new college graduates?
What percent of the new college graduates you hired in 2017 and so far in 2018 have interned previously with your organization?
What percent of the new college graduates you hired in 2017 and so far in 2018 have internship experience elsewhere, not at your organization?
35. How does your organization determine the return on investment of your internship program?
(Please select all that apply)
Cost/benefit analysis/formula
Rate of FTE conversion
Number of projects completed
N/A (we do not currently track/calculate the ROI on our internship program)
Other (please specify);

36. Please specify the primary benefit(s) that using interns has had on your organization.
(Please select all that apply)
Entry-talent pipeline
Infusion of new perspectives/ideas
Completion of important projects
Inexpensive way to accomplish short term goals
Mentoring and supervisory development for existing employees
Other (please specify):

37. Please provide any additional comments about your experience(s) employing interns, either positive or negative, at your organization. (Optional)
38. In the last 12-months, from which colleges or universities has your organization hired interns or recent graduates, if any?
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